Hemorrhoid Remedies


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Hemorrhoids may affect as many as 50% of the population at one time or another during their life. This painful, uncomfortable condition is not much fun for those who suffer from it and can leave them feeling irritable and even affect the way they view life and the world around them. Luckily, there are hemorrhoid remedies available that can reduce the swelling and even eliminate this embarrassing condition once and for all.

Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids

Because hemorrhoids isn’t a condition that most people talk about, many people who have symptoms of this condition don’t know what it is until it’s diagnosed by a doctor. Knowing the symptoms of this condition is the first step in treating those hemorrhoids effectively. Here are some of the most common symptoms:

  • Itching in the area of your rectum. In cases of external hemorrhoids you may also feel a lump or swelling in the area that itches.
  • Bleeding during bowel movements which is usually noticeable when you wipe after moving your bowels.
  • Feeling as though you still need to have a bowel movement immediately after having one; this is due to an internal hemorrhoid swelling from the strain of the bowel movement itself.
  • Rectal pain or pain inside the rectum.

You may experience just one of these symptoms or all of them at one time or another. The earlier you notice your symptoms the earlier you can start treating your hemorrhoids and the faster you will get relief from the discomfort involved. There are a number of natural hemorrhoid remedies that have been proven effective in treating hemorrhoids, relieving the symptoms and shrinking and finally eliminating the hemorrhoid itself.

Hemorrhoid Remedies

Here are some of the most effective natural hemorrhoid remedies and treatments:

  1. Increasing your fiber content can soften your stool and help to avoid some of the bleeding and pain associated with bowel movement. While fiber can’t cure your hemorrhoids, when combined with other natural treatments it can reduce much of the discomfort while other treatments are taking effect.
  2. Increasing your intake of citrus fruits not only naturally increases your fiber intake but adds moisture to your stools, softening them and helping them to pass less painfully. In addition the vitamins and minerals in these fruits may help reduce the swelling and the size of the hemorrhoids.
  3. Taking either butchers broom or horse chestnut capsules or drinking a tea made from these herbs will reduce and eventually rid you of those painful hemorrhoids.
  4. Boiling 20g of sesame seeds in 500ml of water and then straining it and drinking the water will help reduce and eliminate both internal and external hemorrhoids.
  5. Applying finely ground radish mixed with milk to an external hemorrhoid relieves the pain and itching quickly, and when used once or twice a day will shrink and eliminate external hemorrhoids.
  6. Aloe gel applied to an external hemorrhoid provides instant relief to the pain and itching and will reduce swelling and eventually eliminate the hemorrhoid altogether. Some people claim that this remedy can entirely eliminate the hemorrhoid within a week.
  7. Apple cider vinegar is one of the best natural treatments for both internal and external hemorrhoids. When choosing vinegar for a hemorrhoid cure choose vinegar that is filmy and seems to have strings (this means it includes the “mother”, which contains healing properties). This undistilled vinegar has the necessary active ingredients to rid you of your hemorrhoids. For external hemorrhoids simply soak a cotton ball or sterile pad in vinegar, ring it out and apply directly to the hemorrhoid. Many people experience relief and a visible shrinking of their hemorrhoid within 24 hours. For internal hemorrhoids try drinking a shot glass full of vinegar two or three times a day.

Keep in mind that your hemorrhoids did not appear overnight and they won’t disappear overnight either. While most of these treatments are effective in eliminating your hemorrhoids they do take some time to work their magic. Some treatments may take a week or longer to rid you completely of those hemorrhoids. In the meantime, most of these remedies will start reducing the symptoms you are suffering from extremely quickly, making it easier to get on with your life while continuing to treat your hemorrhoids. The great thing about natural hemorrhoid remedies is that they pose no additional side effects so you can get the relief you need without further discomfort.

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